Paul Barry's Website - Web and Cloud Development - Year 3

3rd Year Module on the B.Sc. Degree in Software Development

Software Development: Web and Cloud Development - Year 3

Academic Year 2017/18 - Class Log.

Wed 13 Sep 2017: Welcome!

Fri 15 Sep 2017: Started to install Anaconda... Took a very quick look at Spyder, the Python shell prompt, then Jupyter Notebook. Useful commands in Python (which work at the Python >>> prompt as well as within notebooks) include: dir() and help(). We learned that everything in Python is an object.

Tues 19 Sep 2017: Created the code (with the help of Jupyter Notebook) to explore some of the programming language features of Python. Touched on lots of things that we'll revisit in detail over the next few weeks: lists, ranges, conditions, booleans, built-in functions, the standard library, and so on. See today's transcript for more.

Wed 20 Sep 2017: Revisited the program for the last time (learning about modulus along the way), then we all started singing... about beer.

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