Bioinformatics, Biocomputing and Perl: Instructor's Materials

The presentation materials are available in one of two formats: Microsoft Powerpoint (PPT) and Impress (SXI). The content is exactly the same, no matter which format is downloaded. These slides were semi-automatically generated (with the help of Perl, of course - read my Linux Journal article to find out how I did this) from the actual content used to produce the printed book. They can be used to produce a more complete set of presentations, tailored to suit any particular preference or purpose.

You are free to download, amend and use these presentation files as you see fit.

Chapter TitleMicrosoft Impress
All Chapters (as one, single file)PPT.tar.gzSXI.tar.gz
1. Setting the Biological ScenePPTSXI
2. Setting the Technological ScenePPTSXI
3. The BasicsPPTSXI
4. Places To Put ThingsPPTSXI
5. Getting OrganisedPPTSXI
6. About FilesPPTSXI
7. Patterns, Patterns and More PatternsPPTSXI
8. Perl GrabbagPPTSXI
9. Downloading DatasetsPPTSXI
10. The Protein DatabankPPTSXI
11. Non-redundant DatasetsPPTSXI
12. DatabasesPPTSXI
13. Databases and PerlPPTSXI
14. The Sequence Retrieval SystemPPTSXI
15. Web TechnologiesPPTSXI
16. Web AutomationPPTSXI
17. Tools and DatasetsPPTSXI
18. ApplicationsPPTSXI
19. Data VisualisationPPTSXI
20. Introducing BioperlPPTSXI

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