Racing-Car Game Assessment

This document outlines the requirements of a Racing-Car game you must write using XNA. This game will be used as the major practical assessment for the course Graphics & Audio II. The game will be written by groups of two people.

The project will be built incrementally and will consist of 3 stages. At the end of each stage a compiling & running project will be submitted by the group. Each subsequent will be build on top of the project submitted at the previous stage.


If you cannot complete stage, a working version will be provided by your lecturer in order that you can continue to the next stage. However, you should exercise this option only if absolutely necessary, as it will require you to familiarise yourself with a new codebase.


The final project will be a car & track based simulation game. The fundamental game play elements will be up to you, e.g.;


Stage 1 –Vehicle & landscape; due date: Friday 18th December

Generating a basic textured landscape with "Free-roam" camera

Add user controllable vehicle with third person camera;

Vehicle should follow contours of landscape

Vehicle should orient with landscape normal

Helpful reading; Terrain in XNA, Simple vehicle animation, Free models, Hints

Advanced feature: Use Vertex & index Buffers to improve efficiency

Example executable(zipped)



Stage 2 – Track; due date: 22th Jan

Add Simple spline based track, with textured road surface & guard rails

Place car on track. Collide with edge of track(to keep on track).

Populate landscape with scenery objects (builodings, trees,...);

Helpful reading; CatmullRom splines, Working with planes


Advanced Features: Speed & timing indicators on GUI, banking on track


Completed version of Stage2




Stage 3- Lighting & Effects ; due date: 19th Feb

Apply a shader to the terrain using 2 textures (snow and grass), apply grass on low altitude terrain, snow on high altitude terrain, and blend them together in the middle

Advanced features: Apply a normal mapping for surface of track



Each stage will be worth 10% (total =30% of your final marks in this subject) and each stage will be marked separately by code review and a mini-viva.

I expect that the work will be distributed equally among the team members. Keep a log of who did what in the group. Note that the final end-of-year exam will feature some questions based on the problems you will have encountered during this project.

Each stage will be marked as follows;

6 marks for working code meeting the requirements

1 mark for code structure and good commenting mark for attention to detail in code

1 mark for polished visuals or gameplay

1 mark for additional relevant game features


At the end of this project you should have a working racing car game. I advise you to to spend time tidying the game to make it visually appealing and playable in order that you can present the game to future employers as an example of the work that you have done.