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Preparing MySQL

Use the MySQL Monitor to create the required database using these commands:

Create a text-file (called create_publics.sql) and adds these lines to the file:

    create table publics
        ip_address       varchar (16)  not null,
        protocol_port    varchar (6)   not null,
        public_key       text          not null 

Use this file to create the required database table within the SCOOBY database, as follows:

\emph{mysql -u perlagent -p SCOOBY < create_publics.sql}
Enter password: ************

Use these commands to confirm that the creation of the database table has been successful:

\emph{mysql -u perlagent -p SCOOBY}
Enter password: ************...
3 rows in set (0.12 sec)
\par mysql> \emph{quit}

With MySQL up-and-running, and the SCOOBY database in existence, the Key Server can now be installed and configured.

Paul Barry 2003-05-30