For now, I've only tested this on Linux (as a number of required Perl modules are Linux/UNIX-only at this time - most notably PadWalker). So, if you are using that other OS ... sorry.

Software Requirements for Scooby

Here's what you'll need to run Scooby ... in addition to the Scooby Modules, you will need to have the following software installed on a collection of systems.

Key Server Module Requirements

The Key Server needs the following CPAN modules installed:

Location Module Requirements

Each of the Locations need the following CPAN modules installed:

Important Compatibility Information

Scooby is currently designed to run on Release 5.6.1 of Perl. Note that the most recent release, 5.8.0, is not supported at this time (due mainly to some problems I've had getting Crypt::RSA to work properly with 5.8.0).

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