ITCSU Voting

Electronic voting system


ITCSU Voting is an online voting platform for students to vote in IT Carlow Students' Union elections and referenda. ITCSU Voting is a web application, written in Python and developed using the Django framework. ITCSU Voting provides the opportunity for students, who are not on campus on the day of voting, for example students who are out on placement, to register and vote online.

There are two types of users who can interact with the web application, election administrators and voters (students). The election administrator can create elections, ballots and candidates, and view the results of an election. Students can register to vote using their own student email address. Students will then get an automated reminder email on the morning of the election, allowing them to login and cast their vote.


Research Document

Functional Specification

Design Document

Final Report

Code Document

Administrative Manual

First Iteration Presentation

Second Iteration Presentation


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