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Chapter 1: Meet Perl: links, PDF. Note: There is no source code download for this chapter.
Chapter 2: Snooping: source code, links, PDF.
Chapter 3: Sockets: source code, links, PDF.
Chapter 4: Protocols: source code, links, PDF.
Chapter 5: Management: source code, links, PDF.
Chapter 6: Mobile Agents: source code, links, PDF .

Links for Chapter 1: Meet Perl

The home of the Perl community, the Perl web-site
The Perl gossip-site
The Perl advocacy-site (This is also the home of The Perl Mongers)
The official location of the CPAN (Search the archive here)
The Perl 5.6 on-line documentation as a searchable web-site
The Perl Journal
The Perl Review is a new, on-line (and currently free) Perl magazine.

Links for Chapter 2: Snooping

This chapter has a number of diagrams.
Another diagram can be found in the "Network Employed" appendix.
Here they all are (in PDF format).

libpcap can be downloaded from the tcpdump web-site
Tim Potter's CPAN directory (NetPacket, etc.)
Shomiti Systems' Surveyor Lite is available for the Windows platform
Macintosh users can download a demo of EtherPeek from WildPackets (formerly: The AG Group)
Search for analyzers for the Linux platform at the FreshMeat web-site
The list of Ethernet Frame Types can be accessed here
The Transport Protocol Number Assignments can be accessed here

Other useful sites: The Net::Pcap for Windows page.

Links for Chapter 3: Sockets

The Perl web-site maintains a short list of networking links
A excellent resource for Windows programmers

Links for Chapter 4: Protocols

The HTTP standard document is available from the home of web standards
The text to any RFC can be found on the IETF web-site
All about the Apache Web Server
The Gisle Aas web-site (for the libwww-perl project)
Gisle's CPAN directory
Graham Barr's CPAN directory (libnet)
Find out about InterMapper for the Macintosh
Jay Rogers' CPAN directory (Net::Telnet)

Links for Chapter 5: Management

Daniel Hagerty's CPAN directory (Net::Traceroute)
David M. Town's CPAN directory (Net::SNMP)
The ISO maintains a on-line presence here

Links for Chapter 6: Mobile Agents

Steve Purkis' CPAN directory is here (
The web-site can be found here.
James Duncan's CPAN directory is here (Class::Tom).
An excellent web-site devoted to listing on-line mobile agent resources is: cetus-links.

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