Book Description

It is no longer enough for today's software engineers to be able to program the computer and debug programs - the modern programmer needs to know how to program the network and debug communications. This book shows you how, using Perl.

Originally created as a tool for System Administrators, the Perl programming language has matured into a powerful, yet easy-to-use, general-purpose programming language. Widely used on the Internet, Perl is the programming language of choice when it comes to adding dynamic content to websites using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Its strengths - simplicity, power and adaptability - make it an excellent vehicle with which to study computer networking and to program computer networks in general.

In Programming the Network with Perl, Paul Barry applies Perl to the study of traditional computer networking topics. After an introductory tutorial to the Perl programming language appropriate for the non-Perl programmer, five key computer networking topics are examined from the perspective of the software engineer using Perl.

Each chapter concludes with a set of Print and Web Resources, as well as suggested Exercises to support further study by the reader.

The associated website provides Perl links, downloadable source code, errata, presentation materials (in PDF format), and instructions for joining the perlnetbook discussion mailing-list.

Paul Barry lectures in Computer Networking at the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland. He is also a contributor to Linux Journal magazine and website. He brings to teaching and writing his experiences as a professional programmer, network expert and IT manager.

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