Polygon meshes & polyhedrons

  1. What is the volume of a 3D point? a 3D ray? a 3D line? a 3D polygon?
  2. Describe 3 data structures to represent a mesh.
  3. In an “Explicit Vertex Mesh Representation” each polygon is stored as a list of vertex coordinates. What problems might this representation cause?
  4. Distinguish between “winged edge list ” and “index to vertex list“ mesh representations.
  5. Why are triangle strips used in preference to triangle primitives in real time graphics?
  6. Which of the shapes {A,B,C,D,E} below are;
  7. Give a description of the "Index to Vertex list" method for representing a polygon mesh. Include in your discussion an example.
  8. Describe and compare 3 methods for representing polygon meshes.                   
  9. What are “triangle-strips” and why are they used in preference to triangle primitives in real-time graphics?