Welcome to the Scooby Website (Mobile Agents for Perl)

Scooby is a Mobile Agent Execution and Location Environment for the Perl Programming Language.

Important note: the keyserver will refuse to work with v0.09 of the Net::MySQL module from CPAN. Be sure to manually download/install the v0.08 release of Net::MySQL when installing the keyserver and the rest of the Scooby suite.

With Scooby downloaded, learn how to get Scooby ready for mobile agents: Once you've done all that, it's time to write some mobile agents. Find out how by reading the Scooby Guide (which is in PDF format and is only 8 pages long).

Other downloadable documents, available as PDFs, include: an annotated guide to Scooby's source code (81 pages), the online documentation generated from the man pages (17 pages), and a collection of example agents that can be used to test the system (15 pages).

Scooby is written by Paul Barry, and is free software.

The Thesis Document

This software was developed in part-completion of my M.Sc. in Computing. The actual thesis document is available for download as a PDF (99 pages). Note that the thesis document is designed/optimized for printing, so the fonts may not look great when viewed on screen.

Extra Acknowledgments

In the final document, I forgot to thank Dr. David Gray of Dublin City University, in Ireland. Dr. Gray was involved at the start of this project, suggested I take a look at mobile agents and reviewed much of the early material. I would like to publicly acknowledge his support and contribution.

This site is kindly hosted by the Institute of Technology, Carlow.

Other Information

You may wish to visit Paul Barry's website or even read his book.

Thanks for checking out Scooby!

[The information on these pages was last updated: May 12, 2006.]