Student Information:

  • Name: Jeff Ratledge
  • Student Number: C00220463
  • Supervisor: Joseph Kehoe
  • Student Number: C00220463

Project Description:

Using the movesense wearable sensor to help people improve there technique for Snooker/Pool. One of the main problems people have when learning how to play either game is cueing straight. From the movesense description, it seems I could track peoples cue action movements and improve there cueing from the data. People also miss shots because of nervousness in pressure situations because they play a shot differently or rush themselves. The heartbeat monitor could help to prompt the user or slow them down. One of the main reasons the top players are at the top is because of their temperament and composure during match play. They attempt to play every shot the exact same, this includes the stance, how they hold the cue, how many strokes before they take a shot etc. I would like to design a wrist wearable that learns from the player and is able to improve the players ability.

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