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Current Modules

Data Structures & Algorithms

At a basic level a data structure is an arrangement of data in a computer's memory, simple examples include arrays and linked lists. Algorithms are used to manipulate the data contained in these data structures, such as searching and sorting. The way data structures and algorithms are implemented and work together is essential to the performance of software systems and computer games.

Computer Architecture

Modern computing technology relies on the interface between hardware and software. Computer Architecture encompasses the structure, organization, implementation, and performance of the basic building blocks of computer systems. This includes topics such as instruction sets, logic gates, processor arithmetic, pipelining and assembly language programming.

Systems Analysis

Systems analysis is the process of critically examining a business process for the purpose of developing a software solution to a problem. Systems analysis professionals look critically at systems and design or change as necessary. The discipline includes development methodologies, incorporating a set of techniques that applies a high level view, considering all aspects and requirements for an information system.

Programming (Labs)

Lab sessions take the form of formative assessment sheets with individual interaction. The idea of these labs is to support students in a practical way in various programming languages (currently Java). The approach provides students with 1) problem solving skills necessary for programming 2) the basic concepts of programming and 3) the capability to develop complete programs.

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