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This is the staff web server at the Institute of Technology, Carlow in Ireland.

The following staff members maintain web pages on (or accessible from) this server:

Dr. Keara Barrett, Computing
Paul Barry, Computing
Joseph Bennett, Computing
Robert Corrigan, Computing (retired)
Joseph Feeley, Engineering (RIP)
John Fogarty, Computing (previously, now in Business)
Dr. Anne Garvey, Business (retired)
Michael Gleeson, Computing
Dr. Martin Harrigan, Computing
Philip Hickey, Computing (retired)
Dr. Joseph Kehoe, Computing
Austin Kinsella, Computing (RIP)
Dr. Christophe Meudec, Computing (note: links to external site)
Aidan McManus, Computing (RIP)
Marian Murphy, Computing (retired)
Dr. Diarmuid O'Briain , Electronics (Engineering)
Dr. Daire O'Broin, Computing
Dr. Diarmuid O'Se, Computing
Ken Power, Computing (note: links to external site). Older material is still here.
Damien Raftery, Business
Fiona Redmond, Computing

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