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Current Modules


An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources and provides an interface for the user. This module will provide students with working knowledge and practical skills of OS installation, configuration, utilities and scripting. It will utilise hypervisor technology to examine both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Computer Architecture

Modern computing technology relies on the interface between hardware and software. Computer Architecture encompasses the structure, organization, implementation, and performance of the basic building blocks of computer systems. This includes topics such as instruction sets, logic gates, processor arithmetic, pipelining and assembly language programming.


Computer Hardware is a hands on, practical module focused on familiarising learners with a range of core components that make up physical computing devices. Learners will install, configure and examine common troubleshooting techniques with CPUs, RAM, Hard Disks and peripheral devices. Learners will also examine physical devices through the use of Arduino boards.

Infrastructure for Big Data

The primary aim of this Level 9 MSc module is to critically appraise and implement a range of cloud infrastructure technologies available to both store and manipulate big data. This includes setup and configuration of compute clusters, container/microservices and private clouds which are used to run Apache Hadoop technologies such as MapReduce, YARN, HDFS, Spark, HBase, Hive and Pig.

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