Programming the Network with Perl, by Paul Barry

Published by John Wiley & Sons Limited - February 2002.

Now available (January 2003) as an eBook, with a new ISBN of 047084941X.
Some on-line eBook resellers, such as, provide a freely downloadable preview.

"... It has really opened my eyes to the power of Perl ... I would highly recommend this book ...", Rick Bourassa, Linux Journal.

"... comes at network programming from the ground up ... is a fine choice.", Andy Lester, The Perl Review.

"Mr. Barry provides plenty of clear explanation for each topic that he covers.", Ralph Krause, Linux Journal.


Read Ralph Krause's review on the Linux Journal website, May 2002.
Read Rick Bourassa's review, again on the Linux Journal website, August 2002.
Andy Lester wrote a short review in the September 2002 issue of The Perl Review.

There are also some reader comments available.

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An errata is available (includes information for programmers running the new Perl 5.8.0).

Other useful sites: The Net::Pcap for Windows page.

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